How to get hydroponic Green Wall or Vertical Food Garden for Home, Office or Restaurant?

Order Supragarden® - The easy DIY Green Wall system kit with global delivery.

This Modular and vertical Hydroponics Grow System is for easy growing with many ecological benefits.



Natural Cleantech with Plants


Hydroponic Food Growing

Salads, herbs, tomatoes and chilis


Air Purification

Clean indoors air using plants


Living Decoration

As a green wall

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How does Supragarden work?

How does Supragarden work?

Supragarden® use Vertical Hydroponics Growing Technology with modular Plantsteps®, watering system and LED grow lights.

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Grow Food with Hydroponics

Grow Food with Hydroponics

Grown food plants like chilies, salads, herbs and tomatoes easily and efficiently with Vertical Hydroponic Garden.

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Clean indoor air with plants

Clean indoor air with plants

Plants are very efficient for indoor air cleaning. Learn how plant roots and water can purify indoor air with Green Wall system

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Green wall and living plant wall for home, school and office

Green wall and living plant wall for home, school and office

Select the best Green Wall system Kit for your need, or design your unique Living Wall with our hydroponic components

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Supragarden® Green Wall system with global delivery. Hydroponics system, LED grow lights, hydroponic nutrients with low price.


Plant Steps Ltd is a Finnish company developing, producing and selling Supragarden® - New kind of Vertical Hydronponic Garden and Hydroponic Green Wall system. We also sell equipment for hydroponic growing. 



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Plant Steps Ltd is manufacturing and selling Supragarden® - Vertical hydroponic Garden and Green Wall system with hydroponic grow equipment.

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Virtual 3D and AR Green Wall

Virtual 3D and AR Green Wall

See Virtual Green Wall and 3D Model made by Supragarden®. Explore the Vertical Garden with 3D model, or download mobile AR application

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Supragarden green walls and hydroponic indoor gardens are with customers; companies, shools and homes and offices all over the world.