Bato Bucket | Hydroponics system for drip feed

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Bato bucket has container and watering system designed for drip irrigation and for hydroponics growing, also called Dutch Bucket system.


The Bato bucket kit includes:

  • Bato bucket, 11 liters

  • 2 pcs L -model overflow connector

  • Lid with one hole for a 100 mm pot and an option for four 80 mm holes

  • 100 mm net pot


The Bato container is an efficient and mondular drip irrigation system that is ideal for growing larger and long-lasting crops; vines, tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, cucumbers, chilies and even roses. You can use almost any inorganic medium that does not bind too much water or nutrients; hydro gravel, clay pebbles, perlite and coconut fiber.


Features of the Bato hydroponics system:

  • The capacity of the container is 11 liters

  • The dimensions of the container are width 30 cm x depth 25 cm x height 23 cm

  • The container is made of food-grade polypropylene - PP


Water and aquaculture nutrients are fed to the plant in the Bato container by drip irrigation and the system has water circulation and drainage. The system needs a water tank in which a water pump feeds water to the roots of the plant in the Bato container through drip irrigation. At the bottom of the Bato vessel, bucket, there is an overflow pipe that can be connected to a 32-50 mm body pipe, along which the water returns to the water tank. The main return pipe is, for example, a 32-50 mm straight water pipe, the upper surface of which is made with about 25 mm holes for returning water. There should be a small lean in the return pipe and it will lead the water back to the water tank.

By installing the two elbow connectors that come with the container between the bottom of the container and the overflow hole, the overflow water is sucked from the lowest level of the container and led to the return pipe. This prevents stagnant water and nutrients from accumulating to bottom of bucket.

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