Grow Food with Hydroponics


Growing food plants with hydroponics system is easy. With the Supragarden® Vertical Food Garden System, you can grow several edible plants in hydroponics at home , school, office or even in a restaurant. Efficient growth is made possible by hydroponics technology , which is also used by commercial greenhouses, e.g. for growing salads, cucumbers, strawberries, tomatoes and herbs.


Food plants for hydroponics







Lemon balm












Mixed salad


Oak leaf salad






Most herbs, such as basil, mint, parsley and various salads, as well as strawberries thrive in hydroponics and fit nicely on Plantsteps.


Pay attention to the characteristics of plants when germinating seeds:


Plants for growing

How many adult plants can fit in a pot 

How many seeds should be planted in one stone wool cube 

Germination time  for cotyledons

The first harvest 

Salad, Pak Choi

1 - 2


about 7 days

approx. 6 weeks

Basil, Parsley, Mint

5 - 12


about 5 days

approx. 7 weeks

Chili, Tomato



about 1-2 weeks

approx. 4 mohths


The Nursery level on top of the water tank makes it easy to adjust the water height and you can germinate and grow small seedlings near the light there. In the corners of the Nursery level, you can grow larger plants growing with drip irrigation and DWC technology, where the roots of large plants grow directly into the water tank and receive nutrient water from there. 






Easy and safe growing of food plants with hydroponics


The system's large, 70-liter water tank increases ease of use, as new water and hydroponic fertilizer are added to the plants only 1-4 times a month. The parts of the system are made of safe food grade PE plastic and the water tubes are made of silicone.


When growing food plants in hydroponics, the water's pH value and the amount of nutrients, i.e. the EC value, should be measured and adjusted if necessary. In the shop you can find plant nutrients for hydroponics and accessories for water treatment .



In hydroponics, the seeds are planted in rock wool




You can start growing hydroponic plants easily from seeds and you should plant them  in rock wool cubes. 

  • Make small, approx. 3 mm deep holes or incisions in the stone wool surface with scissors, a pencil or a dull knife.

  • Immerse the seeds on the surface of the stone wool cube to a depth of about 1-3 mm and evenly over the entire surface. 

  • It is recommended to plant a little more than the required amount of seeds. Extra seedlings can be removed or divided later. 

  • Place a stone wool cube at the bottom of the net pot and hydrogravel around it. Also make sure that the stone wool touches the bottom of the pot, so that it can certainly absorb water from below.



You will succeed quickly and safely in germinating seeds when you put the stone wool cubes to germinate in mesh pots and put them  in a miniature greenhouse for 1-3 weeks.  

  • Pour enough water or nutrient solution on the bottom of the miniature greenhouse so that all the stone wool touches the water and gets wet through. 

  • The seeds need water or dilute nutrient water. Add nutrients to the irrigation water approx. 30-50% of the nutrient amount of adult plants. When using SupraMIX A+B fertilizer, add 2 ml of A mother solution and 2 ml of B mother solution to one liter of water.

  • Place the miniature greenhouse on the heating mat. The low temperature accelerates the growth of plants in warm countries in particular; significant germination of herbs, chili and tomato seeds. 

  • Lettuce like slightly lower temperatures during the germination phase. Salads should be placed under one roof, and a heating mat is not needed at normal room temperature. 

  • Give the germinating seeds light with a daylight plant lamp. Put a plant light on the hood when the cotyledons appear and keep it on for the entire growth period, 14-18 hours a day. 

  • Keep the heating mat on for about 7 days until the first cotyledons are properly visible. After this, you can take the heating mat out of use.

The seeds can also be directly germinated in the Supragarden system, but the harvest can be collected about 1-2 weeks faster when the seeds are first germinated in a miniature greenhouse.





Schooling of seedlings

The training of the seedlings, i.e. the preparation and transfer to the hydropnics system, usually takes place about 2-3 weeks after planting the seeds, when the length of the seedlings' stems is about 5-10 cm.

  • Remove the dome of the mini-greenhouse already the week before, every day for several hours, so that the seedlings get used to the new climate.  

  • Take the plants out of the miniature greenhouse and add gravel to the mesh pot so that the stone wool and plant roots are covered. The gravel supports the plants, acts as a rooting material and prevents light from reaching the roots and stone wool.

  • If the seeds have been planted in slices cut from rockwool, now is the time to remove a suitable piece of plants with roots from the rockwool and place them first on the bottom of the net pot and then fill the pot with gravel

  • Do not let the roots of the plants dry out during planting.




Transfer the seedlings in a net pot to the hydroponics system: 

  • Small seedlings should be placed on the Nursery level where they are close to the lights and the water level can be easily adjusted.

  • Larger plants that have grown good roots should be raised up the Plansteps, where they have more space to grow large.​





The height of the water in the seedling level is adjusted with the raising blocks of the water return connector:

  • When the plants don't have proper roots yet, keep the water high and two raising pieces in the return connector. 

  • As the roots grow out of the bottom of the mesh pot, lower the water level in the seedling level by removing the second riser piece from the water return connector. 

  • When the plants are 2-3 weeks old and have visible roots, you can raise them to the upper Plant Stairs in the garden to grow. In the Plantsteps, the water level does not rise as high as at the seedling level.



Growing seedlings into edible food plants



The roots of plants grow quickly in hydroponics at first, but the growth of the roots slows down quickly, because the plant easily gets the water and nutrients it needs from hydroponics, even with small roots. After the roots have developed sufficiently, the plant next focuses on growing the stem and leaves and flowers and fruits. 





The water pump circulates the nutrient water to the plants:

  • The water circulation can be on all the time or it can be adjusted with a timer

  • Circulate the water at least 8 x 15 minutes a day, no breaks of more than 3 hours 

  • The growth tips of the plant roots must not dry out or they will die

  • Always keep at least 30 liters of nutrient water in the tank, preferably 60 liters.


Adding water and nutrients e.g. once a week or according to plant consumption:





Getting ready for harvesting plants

  • Always keep a plant and a net pot in the plant places of Plantsteps and Nursery level. 

  • Empty mesh pots and the input and output connectors of Taimitaso can be covered with aluminum foil. This prevents light from entering the system, which prevents algae growth. 

  • Lettuce and herbs are usually ready to harvest about 6 weeks after planting the seeds. 

  • Harvest one leaf and stem at a time from the outer perimeter, or use the whole plant at once by cutting it off at the base


See more details:




Taking a cutting and growing roots for it



Tomato cutting going to hydroponics


Many edible plants, such as tomatoes, basil and chilies, can be propagated by taking cuttings for new plants. The cutting usually roots in a few weeks and the plant continues to grow after this with the same characteristics as the mother plant.






To take the cutting, cut a 10-20 cm branch or top from the plant with at least two pairs of leaves. At the diagonally cut base of the cutting, you should put a so-called a rooting agent that accelerates the growth of new roots around the cutting site. Then push the stem of the plant into the rockwool cubes. You should immediately put the stone wool cube in a net pot and fill the pot with hydrogravel.


Start rooting the cutting in a separate miniature greenhouse or on the Supragarden seedling platform. At the seedling level, the water level can be raised higher than in the Plant Stairs, and it is more suitable for the germination of rootless seedlings and seeds. When the roots of the plants grow out of the net pot, you can lift them to grow up the Plant Stairs.


You can also grow larger plants in the corner openings of the seedling level if they do not have plant stairs.


See more information on how and what kind of hydroponics and aquaculture nutrients and fertilizers are given to different plants >>


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