How does Supragarden work?[1]

How does Supragarden work?[1]



The patented Finnish innovation, a Plantstep, is made of 3mm thick, safe and durable PE-plastic, polyethylene. Plantsteps can be easily attached to each other and with them Supragarden can be assembled in many sizes and shapes.


Plantsteps size:

  • Total width is 70 cm and height 44 cm
  • Horizontal channel is 14 cm x 7 cm
  • Plantsteps top end: round, internal diameter 75 mm
  • Plantsteps bottom end: round, external diameter 74,5 mm
  • Weight, approx. 1 kg.

Plantsteps have 80 mm openings for plants and net pots. Plantsteps have two points of attachment from which they can be attached to stand support, wall or rope connected to ceiling.

Plantsteps have  three connection points for lights under the step. 

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LED lighting system

Supragarden® system includes LED lights that are typically placed under each Plantstep to illuminate the lower level. LED spectrum is designed  in such a way that the lights are suitable for decorational use and at the same time enhance the growth of the plants.

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Nursery level and water tank 


The nursery level and the water tank together form the base for Plantsteps and are the heart of the entire system. You can attach up to 6 Plantsteps directly to Nursery level. 

On top of the Nurcery level you can root cuttings and small plants or grow large plants. It can be used with a number of hydroculture and hydroponic techniques; NFT, Flood & drain, Ebb & Flow, DWC and drip irrigation, even in combination, and at the same time.

Every gardener should choose a suitable methodology for their own use, depending on the plants; type, size, enviroment and growth of cycle.

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Water pump

The water pump circulates the water on the system and make sure that the roots of the plants receive water and nutrients, and at the same time it aireate water. The water pump may be controlled by a timer or it can be left on continuously.

We use efficient, high-quality and low noice water fountain pumps on Supragarden system.

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Hoses and Fittings

Supragarden® system includes a silicone hose, regulator and plastic connectors to cycle water in the system. Also Flood & drain fittings are included and with them you can adjust the water level heigh on Nursery level. 

You can easily expand the system including drip irrigation  on Nursery level. 


Stand support


The system includes aluminum Stand support and fastenings which allow Supragarden system to be erected up to 4 Plantsteps without external support. It is advisable, however, to attach the top of the Supragarden to wall or ceiling to prevent accidental falling down.

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