Daylight LED light 10 w for growing plants

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Grow Led lamp has Led mix makig a Daylight spectrum with high color temperature that is suitable for growing plants like salads and herbs, but also good for decorative interior lighting. Led lamp has small amount of two added red  light spectrums that are beneficial for plant growth. See the Spectrophotocolorimeter Test Report at product pictures.


This 10W Led plant light produces a lot of light but little heat. This lamp is well suited for the Supragarden system and for use with Plantsteps. The lamp can be close to the plants without burning them.


Powerfull LED light with Daylight color temperature:

- Power 10 W and over 770 lumens per lamp

- High Color temperature 6344 K

- 100-270V, 50/60Hz

- CE and RoHS approved

- Lamp has aluminium housing and length is 47 cm

- With low temperature, does not burn plants

- Up to 15 LED lights can be connected together in a chain with connection cables

- Includes connectors for attaching the light under the Plantsteps® body


With Power cord:

- white

- on/off switch

- lenght over 2 meters

- select the right plug type for you country: EU | UK | US


The LED-lamps are compatible with most countries (110-270V) and are available with plugs for:


- EU - Europa and Russian: C/E/F-plug

- UK - United Kindom, Ireland, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore: G-plug

- US - Canada, USA, Japan, Mexico: A/B -plug


Select the right LED light type for your Supragarden and pick the proper power cable and plug according to your country standard. Order rest of the needed lights by adding needed number of +Led-lights to you order. Up to 15 LEDs can be connected to one chain.

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