SupraMagNit | Magnesium and Nitrate nutrient

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SupraMagNit is a plant nutrient and fertilizer, Magnesium Nitrate for hydroponics and foliar feeding. This plant Fertilizer is suitable for plants especially when only the amount of nitrogen (N) and Magnesium (Mag) is to be added to the plants.


In the SupraMagNit nutrient, nitrogen is in the form of nitrate (N-NO3) suitable for hydroponics, enabling plants to utilize nitrogen directly from water.


NPK: 11-0-0, Mg 16%

  • Nitrate nitrogen (N-NO3) 11%

  • Magnesium (MgO) 16%

Plant photosynthesis needs magnesium and its role is vital for plant growth and well-being. Magnesium deficiency is first seen on older leaves and they turn yellow around the veins and edges. There is usually a narrow green area around the leaf veins. Redness may also appear at the edges of the leaves.

Nitrogen allows the plant press to grow strongly and becomes dark green, strong and vibrant.


Amount: 250 g of nutrients is enough for about 500 liters of plant irrigation water.


SupraMagNit nutrient is usually used as a supplement in combination with SupraGrow, SupraBloom or SupraStart nutrients to add magnesium and nitrogen to plants.



MagNit Nutrient dosage for hydroponics

The average dosage of Magnesium Nitrate for plants is 0.05% meaning 0,5 g of nutrients to one liter of plant water. Best dosage for plants depens on plant species and growth stage but it typically waries between 0.02 - 0.15%. That is 20-150 g of nutrient to 100 l water.


When Magnesium Nitrate nutrient is used for leaf feeding ie foliar feeding ie the nutrient is given in the water sprayed on the leaves of the plants, the strength of the nutrient water can be stronger, about 0.2%.


Make first a 10% Liquid Mix by adding 100g nutrient powder to one liter of warm (20-40 Celsius) water. Add 1 dl of Liquid Mix to every 10 liters of new plant water. This nutrient dosage is now around 0,1%.

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weight 250g

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