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Supragarden 3+4, Large Food Garden system Kit includes all the technology needed to set up vertical hydroponics food garden system and to grow food plants or propagate plant cuttings. 


This Large Vertical Food Cultivation System has places for 32-38 plants. 

The height of the Supragarden 3+4 grow system with four Plantsteps and led grow lights frame is approx. 220 cm, width 80 cm and depth 40 cm.


Choose the grow light types for you garden system depending on which plants you will mainly grow:


  • Daylight LED with cool light (6500 Kelvin) is especially suitable for plant seedlings and edible green plants such as lettuce and herbs. Light contains two shades of white as well as two red and blue led types. Blue light is especially suitable for the vegetative growth phase and it supports the growth of plant leaves and stems. The added red light helps the plant to flower. Since prolonged exposure to blue light can irritate the eyes, it is recommended to place daylight lamps on  1. and 2. levels of the Supragarden, where the blue light does not hit the eyes.

  • Neutral LED plant light (4200 Kelvin) is a grow light for green house plants and for indoor general lighting, e.g. for lighting plants on a green wall in the living room or in a public place. The lamp is set to a neutral, with "warm and cool" white tones and a small amount of red and far-red light needed by plants. 

  • Full Spectrum grow lamp (3600 Kelvin): contains all the light spectrums plants need, but the light is focused on warm light tones (3600 Kelvin) and is particularly suitable for flowering houseplants and food plants that produce fruits like tomatoes and chilies. 





Plantsteps are a hydroponic grow channel (NFT) in several levels. Water and nutrients are circulated from the water tanks to the roots of the plants growing inside the Plantsteps and Nursery level with a water pump. 




SupraBase water tank

The basis of the Plantsteps and the entire Supragarden hydroponics system is its 70-liter water tank and the cover on top of it, the Nursery level. Together, they are SupraBase, which enables easy growing of plants using hydroponics. 


Nursery level

10-16 plants can be grown on the Nursery and seedlings level, i.e. the lid of the water tank. Choose the size of the seedling level plate according to the plants to be grown; 6 places for salads, 8 places for herbs and 12 places for smaller seedlings and cuttings. There are four places for plants also in the corners of the Nursery level, where the plants initially receive water with drip irrigation and soon the plants grow roots up to the water tank. This is an efficient way to hydroponically grow fruit crops such as chili and tomato.




The indoor food garden hydroponics kit includes:

  • Seven Plantsteps with tubes and connectors for transporting water and nutrients

  • Nine led grow lights (each 12 w and > 2000 lumens). Choose the light spectrum type of each plant lamp. 

  • Suprabase 70 liter water tank for hydroponics, white 

  • Nursery level with ebb & flow, NFT technology and drip irrigation

  • Nursery level plate with places for 6, 10 or 12 plants. Select the plate size 

  • The irrigation system of the hydroponic system; water pump, tubes and connectors with which to succeed; ebb & flow, flood & drain, NFT, drip irrigation and DWC Deep Water Culture

  • Propagation and grow materials for planting plants; 38 net pots, 56 rockwool cubes, hydro-gravel, and hydroponics nutrients for about 100 liters of plant nutrient water.


plantsteps are attached to the corner place of the water tank. Drip irrigation and deep water technology (DWC), where the plants grow roots into the water tank, can be used in the free corners of the water tank and in the middle where the ruber plug is located. If there are a lot of plant roots in the water tank, we recommend constantly circulating the water in the system or adding an air stone to the tank and using a separate air pump.


The water pump and  led grow lamps are compatible with most countries' electricity standards (110-270V) and are selected according to delivery country:

  • EU - Europa and Russian: 230 V with C/E/F-plug 

  • UK - United Kindom, Ireland, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore: 230 V with G-plug

  • US - Canada, USA, Japan, Mexico: 110 V with A/B -plug


Electricity consumption with nine plant grow leds (12W) and water pump (35W) total 143 W


See here a more detailed list of products and supplies that are included in the indoor garden hydroponic system kit:



Product Note Status Price
Timer for operating pump and lights indoor Timer for operating pump and lights indoor
5.90 €
Delivery weight: 0.4 kg
Dolly for Supragarden - Get Garden on Wheels Dolly for Supragarden - Get Garden on Wheels
28.00 €
Delivery weight: 2.7 kg
Combined pH, EC and temperature meter for water Combined pH, EC and temperature meter for water
69.00 €
Delivery weight: 0.3 kg
SupraMIX A+B Nutrient for hydroponics | 2x 200g SupraMIX A+B Nutrient for hydroponics | 2x 200g
14.90 €
Delivery weight: 410 g
Easy Rooting and Cutting Propagation Kit  with Heat Mat | EU Easy Rooting and Cutting Propagation Kit with Heat Mat | EU
59.00 € Notify on availability
Delivery weight: 1.5 kg
Basil herb seeds Basil herb seeds
1.80 €
Delivery weight: 10 g
Cayenne pepper seads Cayenne pepper seads
5.00 €
Delivery weight: 10 g
Lettuce seeds - Red Salad Bowl Lettuce seeds - Red Salad Bowl
1.80 €
Delivery weight: 10 g
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