Green Wall System Kits Up to 4 Plantsteps®

Green Wall System Kits Up to 4 Plantsteps®

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The Supragarden system kit with all the technology and modular parts to start vertical garden and hydroponic green wall.


Select the Kit of your colour choice and your local country standard for electricity type.


You only need plant seeds or cuttings and water To start growing your green wall or vertical food garden.


The system has places for over 24 plants and Kit includes:

- Four Plantsteps® - Hydroponic Grow Modules

- SupraBase unit; a 75 liter water tank and nursery level for plants

- Five LED lights with Neutral spectrum and 10W and 1000 lumens per lamp, for plants and indoor lighting

- Water pump (35W), which raises the water up to 2 meters

- Silicone hoses and connectors for managing water flow on the system

- Aluminum support Frame and fasteners for supporting the Plantsteps®

- Start-to-Grow packet: 24 pcs of new pots, Hydroclay, Stone wool and A+B mix of hydroponic fertilizers for the first 100 liters of plant water.


Detailed list of components included to EU area Kit is here.


US and UK area kits are assebled accordingly country each standards.


System Specifications:

- with four Plantsteps® and LED-lights the system dimensions are: height 220 cm, width 78 cm and depth 38 cm.

- Electricity consumption with five LEDs (10W) and pump (35W) total 85W

It is possible to add parts to The modular Supragarden system now or later with components at the shop.


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