Led grow light with Red & Blue spectrum , 39 w, 57 cm

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This powerful Led plant light, produces important wavelengths for plants; red and blue light which is especially suitable for flowering and fruiting plants.


The lamp has a pink shade, which is created by a combination of two different LEDs: red: blue = 8: 1


Powerful plant lamp suitable for growing chilies and tomatoes. The light shade, expecially blue light is NOT suitable for interior decoration and cannot be used in normal room spaces.


The lamp produces a lot of light and also heat, but the aluminum body, which acts as a lamp cooler, effectively cools the lamp. The surface temperature of the lamp is below 50 degrees and does not burn plants without direct contact.


Led grow lamp and plant light features:

- pink warm light spectrum for growing flowers and fruits

- Power 39 W

- Light output 4680 lumens (lm)

- Red:Blure ratio 8:1 

- 100-265V, 50 / 60Hz

- IP Rating IP44

- Beam angle 120°

- Environment .- 18℃-——60℃

- material alluminum alloy 

- Life(h) >50000H

- CE and RoHS approved

- The lamp has a durable aluminum body with a length of 573 mm, a width of 59 mm and a height of 46 mm

- Includes two mounting brackets for hanging the lamp, eg commercially available adjustable mounting ropes

- Multiple similar grow lights Can Be Capable with Separately Connected Connection Cable in One Series

Power cable included:

- Black

- on / off switch

- cord about 2 meters

- EU plug

Waranty time one year.

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