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Supragarden® Green Wall system Kits & Vertical Food Gardern Kits include Plantsteps® and full technical package for Vertical hydroponic food farming and Living wall building and growing. You can easily tailor and build your supragarden below. 

Kit includes also materials for easy hydroponic growing with the Supragarden system; rooting and growth materials for planting first seeds or cuttings. Also hydroponics fertilizers and nutrients for about 100 liters of first irrigation water is included with the KIT.


You can easily expand your Supragarden by adding new parts, like extra Plantsteps® and LED-lights to your system order.


We can deliver Supragarden systems and other products and parts to 180 countries. In EU delivery time is around one week from order and all countries less than 14 days. Due to the large size of the Supragarden system package, one order can only include one Supragarden and accessories up to 30 kg.


Here are instructions How to build up the Supragarden® Green Wall system



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Green Wall Installation service in Helsinki area

Green Wall Delivery and Installation service in the Great Helsinki metropolitan area in Finland

Many units on stock

Green Wall Rental service

Green Wall rental service is easy to use. Service includes Green Wall Delivery with plants and rental time for 1-3 days.

Many units on stock
21 - 22 of 22 results