Indoor Smart Garden with LED grow panel light

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Powerful and intelligent growing package: Smart table garden with hydroponics system and Led plant light panel for growing herbs, lettuce, tomatoes and chilies. Always grow fresh edible plants yourself that are free of plant and animal toxins.


Indoor garden features

  • two-tier structure in the hydroponic system; below a white water tank with a green plant level on top

  • water pump (1A, 5V) integrated in the system circulates water between the water tank and the plant level

  • about 7 liters water tank that is enough for watering plants about 1-2 weeks

  • the water level meter shows the amount of water in the tank

  • the system has an audible alarm that notifies you when the water level in the water tank drops too low

  • the package includes a plastic support frame with a height of 50 cm, which supports growing large plants. It can also be used to support plant light

  • the package includes three durable planting pots for the plants and they already have vermiculite suitable for rooting seeds or cuttings.

  • In the future, instead of vermiculite, 40x40 mm stone wool cubes and hydro-gravel can be used in planting pots, or alternatively directly 75x75 mm stone wool cubes >>> see in the store

  • the system is made of food safe materials like ABS plastic




Operating principle of the smart hydroponics system

The water circulates on the system from the white water tank to the green plant level, where the roots of the plant are easily nourished by the moving water and plants grow rapidly. The water circulation can be on all the time or on a timed basis, eg 15 minutes every two hours.

This table garden system has a large water volume of approx. 7.5 liters, which makes the system easy to maintain. The alarm sounds when the water tank level drops too low, ensuring that water is added to the plants in a timely manner.


Aquaculture fertilizers are used in the inner garden >>> see selection


Smart indoor garden kit comes with an adjustable Led growth light




Adjustable LED growth light produces three different light spectrums:


  • Full spectrum light suitable for all plants. All LEDs of the lamp are used for this spectrum.

  • White light, especially suitable for seedlings, herbs and lettuce in the growing stage. The two type white LEDs of the lamp are used for this.

  • Blue and red light suitable for adult flowers and fruit producing plants such as chilies and tomatoes. The blue and red LEDs of the lamp are used for this.


Thanks to the adjustable spectrum and light output, this efficient Led plant lamp is therefore suitable for growing large green house plants and small seedlings, lettuces and herbs, as well as for growing bigger food plants such as chilies and tomatoes.





The Led growing lamp efficiently produces the light needed by the plants and the aluminum frame that acts as the lamp cooler cools the Led lamp efficiently. The surface temperature of the lamp remains below 40 degrees (< 40c) and it does not burn plants even in direct contact. Thanks to passive cooling, the LED lamp designed for growing plants is efficient, cool but silent. The lamp can effectively illuminate a growth space of at least 40 x 75 cm.


Led plant lamp and grow light features


  • adjustable color temperature: Full Spectrum, Grow and Bloom, making the lamp suitable for all plants and growth stages

  • dimmer - adjustable light output, 9 steps

  • Power up to 40 W (80 x 0.5 W led)

  • Service life approx. 50,000 hours

  • operating temperature - 20 ℃ - + 60 ℃

  • 80-265V, 50 / 60Hz

  • IP44

  • CE and RoHS approved

  • The grow lamp has a durable aluminum frame and is 446 mm long, 97 mm wide and 20 mm high.

  • The plant lamp has metal legs (approx. 30 cm) and suspension brackets and suspension cables for hanging the lamp

  • The led lamp has a timer with which the lamp can be set to switch off / on automatically: 3/24, 9/24 or 12/24 hours a day

  • Weight approx. 1 kg

  • Warranty year.


How to operate Led lamp for growing plants




How are the different Led lamp spectrums good for growing plants 







This includes the following individual products

Indoor garden for growing herbs and salads easily with hydroponics. The largest of the small table gardens with water volume of 7 liters.

1 piece(s)
Delivery weight: 3.5 kg

Adjustable Led plant grow light with three spectrums. For growing all kind of house plants and food plants.

1 piece(s)
Delivery weight: 1 kg

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