GoGro 25 L self-watering pot system | hydroponics

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The GoGro system is based on passive irrigation. The pots have a tray with an automatic fill valve, which is connected to a separate water tank by a water tube. When the plant consumes water from the tray, the valve opens and water is automatically added to the tray from the water tank.

Our GoGro module includes the following components:

  • 25 liter GoGro pot
  • Tray and pot frame
  • Water level control valve
  • Required connectors and 1 m water hose
  • Airstone and 1 m hose
  • Root canvas that prevents overgrowth of plant roots from the pots (standard root disc)

Several GoGro modules can be connected to one water pipe by chaining several units. The water pipe is connected to a separate water tank. The irrigation system operates passively, ie without a water pump, but the operation requires that the water level in the water tank is always higher than the water level of the module tray.

If you connect GoGro modules to the Supragarden system, you can also connect the GoGro water tube to the Supragarden system water pump. Connect the GoGro water tube to the Supragarden system in the same way as the Supragarden drip irrigation system.

Use airy growth material in pots that does not absorb too much water. You can get a good breathable substrate by mixing eg 50% coconut fiber and 50% hydro-gravel. The nutrients needed by the plant are added to the water in the water tank.

You can also use the airstone (included to module) on water tray, under the pot to increase the supply air to growth media and for plant roots. You need an air pump for this.

For more information on using the GoGro system, see the manufacturer's page and the accompanying video



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