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First Supragarden Green Wall installation case at Helsinki Metropolia school

The first Supragarden® green wall installations with plants were made in July at the Helsinki Metropolia School's new premises.

Green Wall at Metropolia


There are now two Green Wall units starting to grow air-purifying green plants, herbs and salads for the joy of employees, students and visitors.



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Julkaistu , julkaisija

Plantsteps are in the top six innovations at Finnish Innovation contest MPIDEA

Lue koko viesti: Plantsteps are in the top six innovations at Finnish Innovation contest MPIDEA

Plantsteps and Supragarden are Top Innovations, accoring to The prestigious Jury of MPIDEA contest.


The new hydroponic food growing and green wall system is getting noticed by Finnish Industry, Business and Innovation leaders. Houdreds of new ideas were evaluated by the Minister of Labor and Justice and by Leading Finnish Business and Innovation Directors in big Finnish Innovation contest MPIDEA.



Plantsteps modular grow channels are with the six top innovations. Read more about MPIDEA contest and all Top innovations from STT News Info:


News in english: STT Info news release - MPIDEA


News in Finnish: STT tiedote suomeksi


Plantsteps and Supragarden are easy tools for urban food farming and for growing air purifying green wall at home and office. Pre-sales has just started and first products are deliverd in start of July.


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