Flood and Drain fittings for Nursery level

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The High quality adjustable flood & drain fittings (some times called Ebb & flow connectors)  are ideal for growing plants at Supragarden® Nurcery level.  

Attach the 13mm Inlet fitting with silicon tube to your pump and place it to one end of Nurcery level. Place the other, higher fitting with 19 mm outlet to other end of Nurcery level for the water returning to water tank. You can adjust the water level on Nurcery level with 3 spacers included. Each spacer will increase water level by 25 mm. Top screens prevent clay pebbles and other debris blocking the pumps and fittings.


The three risers included in the package can be used to adjust the water rise height on nursery level.


The included tube outlet connector allows the water to be transported by a single silicon tube to the up going Plantsteps®, so that the returning water flows through the Nurcery level, when returning to water tank for next round. 





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SupraBase with Water tank and Nurcery level | White SupraBase with Water tank and Nurcery level | White
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