Clean indoor air with plants


Plants made the atmosphere for Earth and are needed for life. Plant leaves produce oxygen, optimize humidity and absorb carbon dioxide. Plant roots reduce harmful chemicals, clean air and water.


In the 1980s, NASA investigated how the airborne impurities in the space station could best be removed from the enclosed indoorspace. The research came to a logical conclusion that a human lives in symbiosis with plants and a closed spacecraft requires plants to cleanse poisons extracting from human itself and from spacecraft building materials. According to a NASA's research, especially the plant roots and microbes can effectively use and clean the impurities from the air.


Indoor air pollutants cause many people symptoms of skin itching and eye pruritus to headaches. According to a study conducted by Harvard University, the good air quality improves people memory, learning, thinking, perception, alertness, creativity, and problem solving skills.


Supragarden® system is expecially good for cleaning air because plant roots growing inside Plantsteps® are constantly in contact with water and air. The water circulating in the system moves air actively to plants root zone and air gets washed and cleaned more efficiently than with other grow methods.


People need Pure Air.



Green wall air purifying plants

With Supragarden you can easily grow air purifying plants and circulate the indoor air in their root zone. The water flow inside Plantsteps, washes the air and circulates the air back to the room in a fresher and cleaner form.


Plants and Supragarden together make indoor air cleaner, richer with oxygen, moister and fresher. Fresh and humid room air to help keep you going and is easy and healthy to breathe.


Studies by the NASA show that the air purification effect of plant on benzene and formaldehyde in air is really significant, up to 90% in short time.This table contains NASA study results, a comparison of different houseplants on efficacy of removal of benzene on closed test chamber during 24 hours:


House plant name Initial (p/m) Final (p/m) Percent Removed
English ivy 0.235 0.024 89.8
Janet Craig 0.432 0.097 77.6
Golden pothos 0.127 0.034 73.2
Peach lily 0.166 0.034 79.5
Chinese evergreen 0.204 0.107 47.6
Marginata 0.176 0.037 79.0
Mother-in-law's tongue 0.156 0.074 52.6
Warneckei 0.182 0.055 70.0


The information is from NASA's report, page 12. See the entire NASA's study about Indoor Air Polution cleaning by houseplants.


To learn more about plants that can improve indoor air quality please check thise sites:


Green Wall systems for indoor air cleaning


Also The Finnish Naava Green Wall system review and study show that plants are able to effectively clean the indoor air. Naava system works with the same principle as NASA study and Supragarden® are doing it. Plant roots, water and microbes are amazingly powerful combination for indoor air purification with these systems. 


Naava Green Wall price and service is targeted for corporate customers. Supragarden Green Wall System Kit is priced for hauseholds and for DIY companies looking for easy Green Wall system to grow plants with. 




The bigger the roots of the plant are the greater their air purifying effect. This is why the Supragarden hydroponic system is ideally suited for air purification. The plants are growing roots inside to Plantsteps to inorganic material like rock wool and hydro clay on net pots. Plants grow their rootstocks inside Plantsteps body where they come into direct contact with the air and water circulating in the system.




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