Virtual 3D Green Wall

Virtual 3D Green Wall



The Supragarden® Green Wall 3D model is made of four Plantsteps® size system. It takes few seconds for 3D model to load.

Load The Sayduck VR / AR application to your mobile device and see how the virtual Green Wall looks like on your home or office window or wall with AR - Augmented Reality.


Load Sayduck AR app here:


green-wall-download-ios  Green-Wall-download-android

And search: Green Wall - Supragarden at the App



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Green Wall System Kits Up to 4 Plantsteps®

Supragarden® - A green wall system kits with all the parts and materials for building 220 cm vertical hydroponic food garden. Select Type

720.60 €
Many units on stock
Delivery weight: 18 kg

Supragarden® Hydroponic System Kits with 2 Plantsteps®

Supragarden® system Kits with 2 Plantsteps. For building a 140 cm high hydroponic food garden and living wall. Select colour and plug type.

Many units on stock
Delivery weight: 16 kg

Vertical Garden System Kits with 2+2 Plantsteps®

Vertical Hydroponics systems with Double Plantsteps side by side: 2+2 up to 140 cm. Select type

770.60 €
Many units on stock
Delivery weight: 19 kg

SupraMIX A+B Nutrient for hydroponics

Hydroponic Nutrient Mix; two component package for growing herbs, salads and house plants with Supragarden® system, 2 x 250 g.

Many units on stock
Delivery weight: 0.5 kg