Green wall for home&office

Green wall and living plant wall for home & office

green wall to Home

We need plants. Plants will bring a great atmosphere to any room and they freshen and purify the indoor air. Green Wall, a Living wall is fabulous and modern interior design solution for home and office. It is now easier than ever before to order and build a green wall system, to grow plants and to maintain them easily.


Plant Steps Ltd. has developed a new, low-cost and easy-to-maintain Supragarden green wall system so more and more people can enjoy the well-being created by green plants.


Supragarden® green wall has a modular structure, automated irrigation and energy-efficient LED lights. Now you have a totally new opportunity to make living decoration with plants.


Design a unique living works of art with green plants and flowers, water and light.



In Supragarden green wall system the house plans and food plants grow in Plantstep modules, where they get water, nutrients and light. The modules are easily connected together what makes possible to design and construct green walls and other plant structures in a completely new way.


Supragarden adapts and scales up easily in different spaces and the green wall will be able to take nearly limitless shapes and sizes. With components from our SUPRASHOP, you can easily build up to fivemeter-high wall of green. The diameter of the round Plantsteps tube connection is 75 mm. You can also connect Plantsteps also to common tube and water pipe connectors from the hardware store. This way you can easily expand your hydroponic garden with cost efficient, local components.


 We offer also design service for making unique Supragarden® green walls to any shape and size. The green wall desing, implementation and maintanence Service is mainly for Finnish market, but we offer Global Green Wall design and building service for Grand Cases.



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Nutrient package for Green wall growing and maintanence

A combination of the best nutrients for fast green wall growing and easy maintenance. Green wall nutrient for For 12 months.

16.90 €
More than units on stock

+ PlantStep Expansion Kit, white

Plantsteps® module with silicon tube and connector. You can easily expand your Supragarden® Green Wall or Urban Garden system by adding modular Plantsteps® Kits there.

44.00 €
Less than 30 units on stock
Delivery weight: 0.8 kg

+ PlantStep Expansion Kit, Black

Plantsteps® are ready for growing hydroponic plants. You can easily expand your Supragarden® Green Wall or Urban Garden system by adding modular Plantsteps®

44.00 €
More than 10 units on stock
Delivery weight: 0.8 kg

Supragarden® Vertical Garden System Kit with 2+2 Plantsteps®

Double Plantsteps side by side: 2+2 up to 140 cm

710.00 €
750.80 €
More than 5 units on stock
Delivery weight: 19 kg