Green wall and living plant wall for home & office


Plants will bring a great atmosphere to any room and they freshen and purify the indoor air. Green Wall, a Living wall is fabulous and modern interior design solution for home and office. It is now easier than ever before to order and build a green wall system, to grow plants and to maintain them easily.


Plant Steps Ltd. has developed a new, low-cost and easy-to-maintain Supragarden DIY green wall system KIT so more and more people can enjoy the well-being created by green plants.


Just pick right size and order Green Wall System Kit, or design Your unique Living Wall, Plant Wall and select hydroponics system components from our store. Or if You live in Helsinki Finland are you can take it realy easy and just order Green wall as a Service.


Supragarden® green wall has a modular structure, automated irrigation and energy-efficient LED lights for plants. Now you have a totally new opportunity to design and make Green walls and living decoration with plants.


You can place the vertical garden on window or wall, around a pillar or use them as space divider. System is fo Indoor and outdoor use.


With Supragarden you can design a unique living art work with green plants and flowers, water and lights.




Plants for Green Wall



In Supragarden green wall system the house plans and food plants grow in Plantstep modules, where they get water, nutrients and light. The modules are easily connected together what makes possible to design and construct green walls and other plant structures in a completely new way.


Supragarden Green Wall adapts and scales up easily in different spaces and this living plant wall will be able to make nearly limitless shapes and sizes with green plants.


With Supragarden® system Kit you can select a green wall systems from four sizes and easily start growing:




... or by selecting more hydroponic components from our SUPRASHOP, you can easily build up unique, even fivemeter high going DIY Green Wall system.




The diameter of the round Plantsteps tube connection is 75 mm. You can also connect Plantsteps also to common tube and water pipe connectors from the local hardware store. This way you can easily expand your hydroponic garden with low price tube and pipe components.



Green Wall Service


 We are also Green Wall service provider and can build unique green walls to any shape and size. The green wall desing, implementation and maintanence Service is mainly for Finnish market, but we offer Global Green Wall design and building service for Grand Cases.


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Green Wall up to 5 meters




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Supragarden® Hydroponic System Kits with 2 Plantsteps®

Supragarden® system Kits with 2 Plantsteps. For building a 140 cm high hydroponic food garden and living wall. Select colour and plug type.

549.60 €
Many units on stock
Delivery weight: 16 kg

Green Wall System Kits Up to 3 Plantsteps®

Supragarden® - Green Wall Kits with Hydroponics system for growing up to 1.8 m high vertical garden. Select Color and Plug type.

651.60 €
Many units on stock
Delivery weight: 17 kg

Green Wall System Kits Up to 4 Plantsteps®

Supragarden® - A green wall system kits with all the parts and materials for building 220 cm vertical hydroponic food garden. Select Type

748.60 €
Many units on stock
Delivery weight: 18 kg

Vertical Garden System Kits with 2+2 Plantsteps®

Vertical Hydroponics systems with Double Plantsteps side by side: 2+2 up to 140 cm. Select type

775.60 €
Many units on stock
Delivery weight: 19 kg

Green Wall Installation service in Helsinki area

Green Wall Delivery and Installation service in the Great Helsinki metropolitan area in Finland

Many units on stock

Green Wall Rental service

Green Wall rental service is easy to use. Service includes Green Wall Delivery with plants and rental time for 1-3 days.

Many units on stock

Nutrient package for Green wall growing

A combination of the best nutrients for fast green wall growing and easy maintenance. Green wall nutrient for For 12 months.

Many units on stock
Delivery weight: 1,000 g

+ PlantStep Expansion Kit, white

Plantsteps® module with silicon tube and connector. You can easily expand your Supragarden® Green Wall or Urban Garden system by adding modular Plantsteps® Kits there.

Many units on stock
Delivery weight: 0.8 kg

+ PlantStep Expansion Kit, Black

Plantsteps® are ready for growing hydroponic plants. You can easily expand your Supragarden® Green Wall or Urban Garden system by adding modular Plantsteps®

Many units on stock
Delivery weight: 0.8 kg

Spider plant - Chlorophytum | Young plant

Order a beautiful and easy-care plant with long white and narrow leaves with a white middle line. Rapidly growing runners grow small white flowers and young ones.

Only few Units on stock
Delivery weight: 0.1 kg

Inch plant - Tradescantia zebrina | Cutting with roots

There are two silver-colored lines on the upper surface of the spectacular looking leaves. The underside of the leaf is burgundy. Grows quickly and is easy to care.

Delivery weight: 0.1 kg

Peace lily | Young plant

Peace lily - Spathiphyllum is flowering and air purifying house plant.

Only few Units on stock

Easy Rooting Package with Heat Mat and Rooting Kit | EU

The package contains all the necessary components for growing of new plants from cuttings or seeds. 

Delivery weight: 1.5 kg

Wall Bracket for Plantsteps®, for stone and brick wall

Wall bracket for more permanent fixing of the Plantsteps® to stone wall. Expanding bolt (Ø 10 mm) bolt and 75 mm plastic fastener.

Many units on stock
Delivery weight: 0.1 kg

Dolly for Supragarden - Get Garden on Wheels

Want to have your garden with wheels? This wheeled platform is for SupraBase unit. It makes it Mobile.

Many units on stock
Delivery weight: 2.7 kg

SupraMIX A+B Nutrient for hydroponics

Hydroponic Nutrient Mix; two component package (11-3-12) for growing herbs, salads and house plants with hydroponics, 2 x 250 g.

Many units on stock
Delivery weight: 504 g