Order here Hydroponic green wall system Kit and components. It is the easy way grow Vertical garden and build Green wall for home, office, retail shop or restaurant.



We deliver Hydroponic Green wall systems, hydroponics accessories and components and 100% water soluble greenhouse nutrients up to 180 countries. Delivery time to EU is 2-4 days and for rest of the world 4-7 days. The exact shipping costs for each country will be displayed at the delivery phase in the shopping cart.



In one order you can put one Supragarden® system and accessories up to 30 kilos. For most countries the delivery cost is not weight related and delivery cost for extra items is free of charge.


Learn more about Green Wall delivery and payment options.


All Supragarden® system Kit packages include full technical packages for hydroponic food farming and vertical green wall growing. You can also easily expand your Hydroponic systems by adding new parts, like extra Plantsteps® and LED-lights to your order.


Making Supragarden® Green Wall DIY is easy and price is low. We also sell professional Green House Grade hydroponic fertilizers, net pots and grow materials for food plant and house plants growing.


The Supragarden® system supports the most common electrical standards and we supply three different types of power plugs:



EU_220 UK_220

  • EU - Europa and Russian: C/E/F-plug

  • UK - United Kindom, Ireland, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore: G-plug



  • US - Canada, USA, Japan, Mexico: A/B -plug

By using a local plug adapter you can use the Supragarden system in other countries as well.



Supragarden® Green Wall system Kit

Supragarden® Green Wall system Kit

Supragarden® Green Wall System Kit with Hydroponics  system is the easy way to start growing Living Wall or Vertical Food Garden at home

Hydroponics accessories

Hydroponics accessories

Extend the use cases and size of the Supragarden hydroponic Green Wall system by adding Hydroponics store accessories to order.

Fabric Pots for Healthy plant growing

Fabric Pots for Healthy plant growing

Breathable fabric pots is the best solution to ensure that plant roots have easy access to air and water. 

All products

All products

All shop Systems and products for building and maintaining Green Walls and Vertical Hydroponic farms

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Supragarden® Hydroponic System Kits with 2 Plantsteps®

Supragarden® system Kits with 2 Plantsteps. For building a 140 cm high hydroponic food garden and living wall. Select colour and plug type.

525.60 €
Many units on stock
Delivery weight: 16 kg

Green Wall System Kits Up to 3 Plantsteps®

Supragarden® - Green Wall Kits with Hydroponics system for growing up to 1.8 m high vertical garden. Select Color and Plug type.

633.60 €
Many units on stock
Delivery weight: 17 kg

Green Wall System Kits Up to 4 Plantsteps®

Supragarden® - A green wall system kits with all the parts and materials for building 220 cm vertical hydroponic food garden. Select Type

726.60 €
Many units on stock
Delivery weight: 18 kg

Vertical Garden System Kits with 2+2 Plantsteps®

Vertical Hydroponics systems with Double Plantsteps side by side: 2+2 up to 140 cm. Select type

775.60 €
Many units on stock
Delivery weight: 19 kg

Green Wall Installation service in Helsinki area

Green Wall Delivery and Installation service in the Great Helsinki metropolitan area in Finland

Many units on stock

Sale - Green Wall with 3 Black Plantsteps

Hydroponic Green wall system for growing plants up to 1,8 m on windows and walls. Global delivery.



633.60 €
Only few Units on stock
Delivery weight: 17 kg

Green Wall Rental service

Green Wall rental service is easy to use. Service includes Green Wall Delivery with plants and rental time for 1-3 days.

Many units on stock