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About Us




Supragarden® and Plantsteps® are made and sold by:


Plant Steps Ltd | Kasviportaat Oy

Company ID: 2667518-8

VAT ID: FI26675188


Kunnaankuja 12
01370 VANTAA


Customer service: info@plantsteps.com

Phone: +358 40 592 7320

CEO: Jouni Spets




For co-operation with Supragarden®; sales, distribution, retailing, green wall design, urban garden installation and maintenance service, please contact Jouni Spets.


The background story of SUPRAGARDEN® and PlantSteps® innovations


In start of 2015 Mr. Jouni Spets, an innovative business developer and a garden hobbyist from Finland, invented a new modular gardening system for growing easy vertical green wall, living wall and plant wall structures with both house plants and food plants.

Target, in the start, was to buy a ready made green wall system for his home. As Jouni did not find any ready made green wall product or solution from global market place, he started to develope the intresting idea and business case for global customer need. He ended up inventing new kind of vertical grow channels, Plantsteps® and a full hydroponic grow system Supragarden®.


With Plantsteps® it is easy to make multi size and dimensional window gardens and fabulous green walls. It is the new way to grow food, but also a way to decorate homes, offices and public places easily with air purifying green plants. 


With SUPRAGARDEN® anyone can grow food at home, using the same hydroponic technique that commercial greenhouses are using.


Plant Steps Ltd was founded in 2015 to facilitate the design, production and component sourcing for SUPRAGARDEN®. Production and sales started at summer 2017.  PlantSteps® is patented green wall system in Finland and international PCT patent is approved and national phase is activated on all main markets. 


Supragarden® and Plantsteps® products have been granted with the official Finnish Key Flag Symbol. Symbol is given to companies that focus on Finnish design and local product manufacturing. The rigt to use Symbol for products can be checked from: http://sinivalkoinenvalinta.fi/  by using product names: supragarden or plantsteps or company name for search.









Market Entry


Manufacturing and sales of Green Wall products and vertical garden for home started at summer 2017. Now Deliveries are across the globe and for all kind of customers from households to companies, offices, schools and stores. Customer responce has been great.


We are looking for Green Wall re-sellers, distributers and companies intrested of licencing for local production.


More About the company


Plantsteps® and SUPRAGARDEN® are trademarks are property of Kasviportaat Oy. Company has also several patents and desing patents for Plantsteps® and for Supragarden® water tank and nurcery level -unit.


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