Supragarden® Green Wall

Plants make miracles - they are food and medicine for us, they make oxygen and clean air and they are all uniquely beautiful.


Supragarden® is the new and easy vertical garden system for growing plants. It can be used for vertical food farming, indoor air purification with plants and for many kind of plant decorations and green wall building structures.




Supragarden® User Cases


Food Growing

Salads, herbs, tomatoes and chilis


Air Purification

Clean indoors air using plants



As a green wall


Check out also the Virtual Green Wall model with 3D and AR versions


You can explore the Vertical Garden 3D model with browser, or download the Sayduck VR / AR mobile application and see how Green Wall looks like at your home or office window with Augmented Reality.





How does Supragarden work?

How does Supragarden work?

Supragarden® use Vertical Hydroponic Growing Technology. Modular Green Wall System Kit comes with Plantsteps® grow channels, automatic watering system, 75 liter water tankLED grow lights and hydroponic nutrients and grow media.


The water pump lifts the nutrient-rich water from the tank to the highest Plantsteps®. The water flows inside steps, feeding the plant roots and returns to the water tank for next round. It can save up to 70% of the water compared to soil growing and most plants really flourish with hydroponics. Read more about system...




Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming

You can  grown food plants like chilies, salads, strawberries, herbs and tomatoes easily and efficiently on this Vertical Hydroponic Garden. Many plants even double their growth speed with hydroponics where water, nutrients and air are easily available for plant roots. 


With the big water tank maintanence is easy, just add new water and hydroponic nutrients 1-4 times per month. Read about vertical hydroponic farming...

Clean indoor air with plants

Clean indoor air with plants

Plants are very efficient for air cleaning and according to NASA some plants are great for removing indoor air pollution.


With Supragarden you can easily grow air purifying plants and circulate the indoor air in their root zone. The water flow inside Plantsteps, washes the air and circulates the air back to the room in a fresher and cleaner form.  Learn more about cleaning indoor air with plants...

Green wall and living plant wall for home & office

Green wall and living plant wall for home & office

Design and grow plants on best green wall system; on window, around a pillar or use them as space divider. You can make modular and DIY Vertical Garden in almost any shape and size and with low price.


Design Your Green Wall and order System Kit or asseble with Hydroponics system components. Learn more >>



Order Supragarden® Green Wall system with global delivery. Hydroponics system, LED grow lights, hydroponic nutrients with low price.


Plant Steps Ltd is a Finnish company developing, producing and selling SUPRAGARDEN® - New kind of Vertical hydronponic garden and Green Wall system. We also have Green wall design, installation and maintenance service.



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Plant Steps Ltd is producing Supragarden® - Vertical hydroponic Garden and Green Wall system - with installation and maintenance service.

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Virtual 3D Green Wall

Virtual 3D Green Wall

Virtual Green Wall and 3D Model with Supragarden® hydroponics system. Explore the Vertical Garden with 3D model, or download AR application and see how Virtual Green Wall looks at your home or office window with Augmented Reality.

Green Wall System Kits Up to 4 Plantsteps®

Supragarden® - A green wall system kits with all the parts and materials for building 220 cm vertical hydroponic food garden. Select Type

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