Plastic tube, Ø 16/13 mm | 1 m

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Plastic tube | Water tube 16/13 mm for Hydroponics and water pumping


White Pipe is suitable for use in all typical hydroponics irrigation systems. It reflects more heat than comparable black pipe, ensuring nutrients within your system maintain a cooler temperature.


Included 1% Sanafor within the tube material can also help to inhibit the growth of algae, fungi and bacteria in your system.


  • material is UV-protected PVC

  • Naturally cooler nutrients with white tube

  • Contains 1% Sanafor which helps inhibit microbial growth.

  • Outer diameter 16 mm

  • Inner diameter 13 mm

  • best for for 13 mm connectors and Supragarden water feeding

  • price € / meter

  • add to shopping basket the amount units (= meters) you want to order

  • delivered in one tube

  • can be used for pumping air and for drip feeding plants with Supragarden® system

  • Tube is compatible with 13 mm connectors on SHOP

Uses and functions

An alternative to standard piping in your grow room where heat from a light source can have a negative impact. White Pipe can help to reduce the potential risks of diseases and algae growth, and keeps your nutrient and therefore your root zone cooler. Also suitable for use in greenhouses or in any other irrigation situation where heat from a light source is an issue.


Technical Specification

1 % Sanafor impregnated PVC,
Available to suit 4 MM and 13 MM Internal Diameter.


More information on Sanafor >>

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