Nutrient package for Green wall growing

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With this plant nutrient pack you get all needed fertilizers for the growing and maintenance of the Supragarden® green wall. Nutrient package should last about 12 months at 4 Plantsteps size Supragarden grow with basic house plants and most green wall plants. We and NASA recomend these plants for indoor air purification and these for green wall building.

With SupraGrow and SupraNitro nutrients, you can quickly grow fabulous Green Wall from young plants and with SupraEasy long lasting nutrient the green wall maintanence is really easy.


By combining SupraGrow and SupraNitro nutrients, you will get young plants to grow from seeds or cuttings quickly to large and lushy plants, and soon you will have a wonderful green wall in the home, office or shop window.

When you do not want plants to grow so fast and strongly, for example in winter time, use only slow release SupraEasy nutrition granulates. It will release nutrients to water for about 4 months. All you have to do is to add water and change your granules every 4 months.

If the garden wall should grow more again, expecially in spring and summer time, it is advisable to give some SupraGrow and SupraNitro nutrients when adding new water to system.


Order now the Supragarden® green wall system and this easy nutrition package for growing your plants. 

This includes the following individual products

NPK 8-6-30 totally water soluble hydroponic nutrient for growing food plants and house plants.

1 piece(s)
Delivery weight: 250 g

NPK 16-0-0, Ca 19.  Totally water soluble plant nutrient for hydroponics generates dark green, strong and vibrant leafs.

1 piece(s)
Delivery weight: 250 g

(NPK 15-3-12) is a slow release plant nutrient that releases nutrients slowly into water and for plants. Easy solution for maintenance of decorative green walls and green house plants at home and office. Two net bags included.

1 piece(s)
Delivery weight: 500 g

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