SupraMIX A+B Nutrient for hydroponics | 2x 200g

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Hydroponics nutrients and powdered fertilizers for hydroponic cultivation of herbs, salads and the most common green plants


The nutrient package contains A and B hydro fertilizer in powder form:


• SupraMix A fertilizer 2x 100g

• SupraNitro+ B fertilizer 2x100g


A total of 400g.

NPK: 12 - 3 - 13 


This is enough for approx. 400 liters of plant irrigation water in the hydroponics system.


First, make A mother solution and seperate B mother solution from nutrient powders by mixing a 100g serving bag with a 1 liter bottle of warm water. Put A bag to one bottle and B bag to other bottle. 


When adding plant water add first A mother solution, mix and then add B mother solution to the water tank according to the dosing instructions. The mother solutions must not meet before adding them to the water tank, so that they do not react with each other.


Dosing instructions for hydroponic nutrient

The dosage of the amount of nutrients depends on the growth stage of the plants:


1. Seed germination and cuttings (0-2 weeks)


Add 25 ml of A mother solution (2.5 g powder) and 25 ml of B mother solution to every 10 liters of new plant water. The EC value of this nutrient solution is about 0.5.


Seed germination also starts without nutrients and you can only add nutrients to the water when the seeds have already made the first leafs.


2. Larger seedlings and mature plants


Add 50 ml of mother solution A (5 g of powder) and 50 ml of mother solution B to every 10 liters of new plant water.


The strength of this nutrient solution, EC, is about 1.5, which is a good amount of nutrients for herbs and green plants, but can be e.g. a bit too strong for a salad. A 75% nutrient solution and an EC value of 1.2 is sufficient for lettuce.


Nutrient concentrations  

A - SupraMIX

NPK: 7 - 5 - 25  (without oxids)
in addition: 3.3% Mg, 4.3% S and trace elements


B - SupraNitro+

NPK: 17 - 0 - 0

N 17%
in addition: 24% Ca

of which N:

Nitrate nitrogen (NO3-N) 16.7%

Ammonium nitrogen (NH4-N) 0.3%

With this nutrient package for hydroponics, almost all nitrogen is in nitrate form (NO3), which is suitable for hydroponics use, so that the plants can utilize nitrogen it directly from the water.


By combining 50% SupraMix A and 50% SupraNitro B aquaculture nutrient, the nutrient concentrations are obtained:

NPK: 12 - 3 - 13

the values are NPK % proportions without oxides, which are used in most foreign fertilizers.

in addition: 1.7% Mg, 12% Ca and 2.2% S


Suitable EC nutrient values for aquaculture nutrients for different plants:

- EC 2.5, tomato and chili for growing max. 3.0
- EC 1.5, Basil amd the most common greens and houseplants
- EC 1.0 - 1.2, Salads, Lettuce and spice herbs

See here for a more extensive nutrient guide with more detailed instructions and a wider selection of fertilizers for fertilizing different plants (e.g. tomato, chili, strawberry) and their different growth stages in aquaculture.


The same hydroponics nutrient can also be used for soil cultivation, but at approx. 75% strength (add approx. + 25% pure water) and use the nutrient only every second watering.


See a more comprehensive nutrition guide and more nutrients for the fertilization of various plants and their growth phases with Hydroponics systems.



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