Hydroponics grow system and led plant light for growing plants. Grow your food plants and house plants without soil. 



Change the Supragarden water tank color to Dark Grey Anthracite on the system kit order.


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The package contains all the necessary components for planting and growing of new plants from seeds or cuttings.

Delivery weight: 1.5 kg

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pH meter, EC meter kit with pH and EC buffer solution, for nutrient solution controll with hydroponics.

Delivery weight: 0.3 kg

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Hydroponic Nutrient Mix, two component fertilizer package (12-3-13) for growing herbs, salads and house plants with hydroponics, 2 x 200 g.

Delivery weight: 410 g

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Rockwool is great grow media and rooting material for plants, seeds and cuttings with hydroponics; it breathes and holds water.

Delivery weight: 0.2 kg

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Net Pot for hydroponics growing and for growing plants with Plantsteps and Supragarden system, ⌀ 80 mm.

Delivery weight: 10 g

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Want to have your garden with wheels? This wheeled platform is for SupraBase unit. It makes it Mobile.

Delivery weight: 2.7 kg

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Simple timer for operating garden lamps and pumps indoors, 24 hours in 15 minutes intervals

Delivery weight: 0.4 kg

Many units on stock