Green Wall Installation service in Helsinki area

Many units on stock


Available delivery methods: Toimitus ja asennus asiakkaan tiloihin, PKS-alue, Nouto - ei veloitusta

We can deliver green wall systems to 180 countries but this Green Wall installation and maintenence service is currently limited for Finland.

We deliver Supragarden systems and Green Wall Installation service mainly in the Great Helsinki metropolitan area: Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa, cities located in Finland.


The service includes the following actions:

- Delivery of Supragarden® Geen Wall to the customer's premises

The Green Wall system Build and Installation

- Starting the Hydroponics System: Adding water and nutrients. Adjusting pH level if needed.

Short user training for Green Wall maintenance

Service price includes instalation of one Supragarden system, max. 2½ meter hight green wall to Helsinki area.

Contact us to get offer for services like Green Wall maintenance, planning and installing bigger Green Walls or for Green Wall installation work done outside the Great Helsinki metropolitan area.  >> contact >>

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