SupraEasy slow release hydroponic nutrient

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SupraEasy is designed for easy green plant growing and expecially for Green Wall maintanence. It is also suitable as the basic nutrient for common green plants and for GoGro self-watering pots.

NPK: 15-3-12 + 1.2% Mg + 6% S + micro elements

Quantity: 500g + one net bag (for 100g of granulates)


Nutrient granules are covered by a polymer shell that releases nutrients gradually, within 4-6 months. The release time of nutrients is affected by the amount of already dissolved nutrients in water and the temperature. If the temperature rises, release will increase and if it falls, dissolving will decrease.


Nutrient granules should not be placed directly in the water as they can block the water pump. The granules should be put on a net bag and then to water tank. Pantyhose fabric is also good for holding the granules.



Add 100-300 g of SupraEasy to water tank that has always 30-60 liters of water. If you want a strong growth of the plants use more fertilizer.  if you want the easy maintenance of green wall and plants to grow slowly use less nutrient.


Exact amount to use depends greatly how big garden you have, what plans you grow and how quicly you want them to grow.


You can also use other Supra fertilizers with SupraEasy. For example you could add SupraBloom nutrient for green wall in flowering phase.


Lear more about use of SupraGrow and other fertilizer here...

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