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Plantsteps® are vertical hydroponic grow channels. They are similar like NFT channels like commercial green houses are using, but for vertical gardens and green walls. They are designed and manufactured in Finland.


Plansteps® features:

- Plantsteps are hydroponic grow channel modules that can be connected to eachother easily.

- are made of food grade PE polyethylene plastic that is safe and very durable.

- have tree holes for plants on 3"/80 mm net pots.

- have two attachment points from which they can be attached to Support frame, to wall or to rope connected to ceiling or wall

- have  three connection points for LED-lights under the Plantsteps body.

- Plantsteps height can be adjusted by cutting lower body shorter or by addig 75 mm tube connector between Plantsteps.


Plantsteps size:

- Total width is 70 cm| 27.6in and a height of 44 cm|17,3in

- The garden will increase height of 39 cm which each Plantsteps®

- Horicontal channel is 14 cm x 7 cm

- Plantsteps top end is round connector with internal diameter 75 mm

- Plantsteps bottom end is round tube with external diameter 74 mm

- Material thicknes is about 3 mm

- Weight of approx. 1 kg.


Plantsteps® can be connected to general 75 mm water tubes and connectors awailable at local hardwarestore.

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