Heat Mat for Plants - Easy Seed Starter

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Seedling heat mat for better plant growth and seed germination. Increases the success of seedlings and cuttings. Can be used with many different sizes of seedling chambers.


- Warms root area 10 to 20 degrees over ambient temperature

- Dimensions: 52 cm x 25 cm, 10"x 20.75"

- 230 V with EU plug

- Watt: 20W

- Power Cord's Length: 5.7ft



1. Locate a flat, dry surface of the appropriate size for your heat mat. 
Avoid cold surfaces, and they will counteract the heating ability of the heat mat. 

2. Plug the heat mat's electrical cord into a standard 220-230 -volt outlet. 

3. Place a propagation tray or other plant container on the heat mat. 


For best results, cover seedlings/cuttings with a humidity dome. 



Failure to observe the following safety guidelines may result in fire, electrical shock and/or damage to the heat mat.
1. Never allow the heat mat to become submerged in water or any other liquid.
2. Don't place the heat mat on surfaces that emit heat (like heated floors) or insulating surfaces (like carpets or rugs).
3. Don't place the heat mat on rough or pointed surfaces, as this can damage it.
4. Don't fold or crease the heat mat. Ensure that no part of the mat touches any other part of the mat's surface.
5. Do not wrap the heat mat around anything, including potted plants.
6. Do not cover the mat with any other material. 

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