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Biolan Small Greenhouse, Seed and Small Sprout Sprouting Kit Includes:

- the dome, to keep seadling humidity high

- sprouting tray

- 12 moss buttons


It is easy to start a plant nursery in Biola's Miniature Greenhouse. The mini-greenhouse guarantees a smooth and safe environment for germination of seeds and rooting of cuttings. Under a separate transparent cover, moisture is well preserved. The design of the mini greenhouse cover allows ventilation during the seedling phase. The miniature greenhouse's sturdy structure and durable material allow reuse.



The miniature greenhouse includes 12 moss buttons made from domestic moss moss. Miniature greenhouses can be refilled with Biolan Moss Buttons.


Also the rock cubes from the Supragarden shop also suitable for the same germination pad.


Miniature greenhouse features:

Dimensions: 31 cm x 11 cm x 4.7 cm

Description of moss buttons:
Type name: Moss growing medium
Trade name: Biolan Moss Button
Purpose: Growing medium
Ingredients: At substrate level
Liming agent: Mg-containing limestone powder 8 kg / m³
Fertilizer: NPK 12-6-20 + micronutrients 1.0 kg / m³
pH: 6.2
Conductivity: 22 mS / m
Nutrient content:

Nitrogen (N) water soluble 150 mg / l (810 mg / kg ka)
Phosphorus (P) soluble in 90 mg / l (650 mg / kg ka)
Potassium (K) soluble 590 mg / l (3100 mg / kg ka)
Humidity: 11%
Organic content: 80% ka
Roughness: <20 mm, button diameter 35 mm

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